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StrongLifts 5x5 | How to in under 5 mins!

This video is both a review of the StrongLifts training program, as well as a how to video on how to perform the program. This is an excellent introductory program to strength training as well as 5x5 training. It is also a free resource with no shortage of information available! I would highly recommend this program to any beginner, or someone new to 5x5, or someone who only has access to a barbell, some plates, and a rack.

I am not affiliated with Mehdi from StrongLifts in any way. This video is meant to provide an overview of the program as well as my own opinion on it.

For those who are interested in running this program should do so at their own risk. It is always recommended that a medical doctor be consulted prior to starting any new exercise regimen.

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Be sure to check out the Stronglifts website for tons of free resources!!!


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