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P.H.U.L. Program Review | How to in under 5 mins!

Today we review the P.H.U.L. training program (Power, Hypertrophy, Upper, Lower). The P.H.U.L program focuses on both bodybuilding and powerlifting methodology! By the end of this video you should have everything you need and know how to start P.H.U.L. yourself if you wish to do so! This video is also a P.H.U.L. program review in under 5 mins, and I provide my thoughts as well on P.H.U.L. This video is also meant to be video 1 of a 5 part series! Stay tuned! Videos 2 - 5 will focus on my P.H.U.L. training days in succession, showing some of my own lifts as well as my own personal changes I have made to the P.H.U.L. program! These 4 videos will be available direct on my YouTube Channel for those who are interested is seeing these, link to the playlist below.

The P.H.U.L. program is free, and all of the information is available on Muscle & Strength's website. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who feels their training has become stale, or is looking for a hybrid program which allows you to focus on many goals simultaneously! P.H.U.L. may just be for you!

I am not affiliated with Muscle & Strength or Brandon Campbell in any way. This video is meant to provide an overview of the P.H.U.L. program as well as my own opinion on it. For those who are interested in running the P.H.U.L. program should do so at their own risk. It is always recommended that a medical doctor be consulted prior to starting any new exercise regimen.

Don't forget to check out my YouTube channel for additional content, subscribe if you haven’t already so you do not miss a single video! If you have any questions about any of my videos feel free to send me a message by using the form below or comment directly on my YouTube video!


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